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Updated Apr 09, 2020


Table of contents

1.    Introduction

2.    What’s a cookie?

3.    Why do we choose to use cookies?

4.    How to disable cookies

5.    Types of cookies we use

6.    Cookies that are subject to change

7.    Updating of this Policy

8.    Contact us


In order to be transparent, the Cookie Policy offers information in detail about the use of cookies on the Site, its Software, and/or Services. You will find the definitions in the Terms of Use.

What’s a cookie?

Cookies are tiny text files which are put onto the hard drive using a server for web pages. Cookies store information which may be later read by the web server which is in that domain which issued you with the cookie. A few cookies will be used only if you make use of certain defined features or choose specific preferences, and a few cookies are necessary for the Software, Site or Services which are always used.

A web beacon, scripts and tags, might be used within a Site or through emails in order to assist us to distribute cookies and then count the visits, comprehend usage and the effectiveness of campaigns while determining if an email was accessed and opened and then acted upon. It is possible to get reports on the use of any of these technologies through our analytics/ service providers such as Google Analytics on both an accumulated and individual basis.

Why we use cookies

We and all of the marketing partners, our affiliate companies, and service providers and analytics make use of cookies and any other useful technologies so as to make sure all who use the Site, Software or Services are exposed to great experiences. For example, our Site is used by you, we might put several cookies into your browser. The use of cookies enables us to put on session information while you navigate through the pages on the Site, allowing a better experience for you, while tracking and assessing usage and any other useful statistical data. If you decide not to turn on the cookie(s) or you disable the cookies later, you can still pay a visit to our Site, and also use our Software or Services, but you will only have limited ability to access some of the features we offer.

How to disable cookies

You may typically activate and later on deactivate cookies using a function built into the web browser. To gain more understanding about controlling cookie settings using your browser:

•       Click the link here to discover more about how to manage Mozilla Fox’s cookie settings;

•       Click the link here to discover more about how to manage Google Chrome cookie settings;

•       Click the link here to discover more about how to manage Microsoft Internet Explorer’s cookie settings;

•       Click the link here to discover more about how to manage Safari’s cookie settings;

•       Click the link here to discover more about how to manage Microsoft Edge’s cookie settings.


If you wish to discover all you need to know about cookies and controlling them as well as disable and delete them, do pay a visit to www.allaboutcookies.org for the guidance you need. There are a few 3rd party advertising platforms like Google, which allow users to avoid customized preferences linked to your own Internet browsing. In order to discover all you need to know about this in Google, click on the link here.

The type of cookies we use

Many specialists recommend that all those who operate websites should tell their users and visitors the make-up of the cookies they use and, in some circumstances, they should ask for consent from their users when placing cookies.

Each of the cookies which are used by us are found within 1 of the categories listed below:

Necessary cookies

 A necessary cookie, or 1st Party Cookie, is often absolutely necessary, because if we don’t have them we are unable to offer quite as many services which you will need. An example of this is how essential cookies assist us with identifying your account and remembering your preferences when you are using our Software, Site or Services.

The Analytic cookie

These analytic cookies are in place to track information regarding your usage and visits within the Software, Site or Services which allows us to make any improvements and file a report of our performance. As a example, when analyzing visitors and users’ behavior it gives us the chance to offer more suitable content or even make suggestions about certain types of possible activities. We could also make use of analytics cookies for our new pages, adverts and features and then be able to see the reaction of users to them. We mainly use Google Analytics.


To discover what you need to know about the way Google Analytics works and how it affects your privacy, go to the website: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/ that explains how Google makes use of data while you are using our partners’ apps or sites page. To stop yourself being pursued by Google Analytics while you are using the website pay a visit to https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

The Preference Cookie

During your visitation to our Site, or when you are using our Software or Services, we use cookies which remember the information you will have entered like your username, your preference for language, or your geographical region. A cookie also collects any preferences while it’s personalizing the Software, Site or Services and optimizes the way you use site like your language preferences. These cookies remember your preferences so when you visit our Site next time or make use of our Software and/or Services, you won’t have to reset them.

The Advertising Cookie

 The 3rd Party cookie is put in place by a 3rd party advertising platform so as to deliver adverts and monitor advert performance,or enabling an advertising network to provide adverts which could be important to you in relation to your activity which is often referred to as “behavioral tracking” and sometimes “targeting” advertising on a website. They could use information in relation to your visit in order to provide you with the advertising that may interest you on the Site and even other websites. If you want to be excluded from this interest-based focusing you should visit the Digital Advertisement Alliance at this website link https://youradchoices.com/.

The Social media Cookie

 The Site embeds social media like the Facebook ‘Likes’ button, and 3rd party widgets, like the ‘Share’ link button or collaborative miniature-programs which are running on this Site. These sorts of features are able to store your own IP address along with any pages you visit while on the Site, and put a cookie in place so that the feature functions well. How you interact with any feature is controlled by the 3rd party company’s privacy policy. Examples of 3rd party social media characteristics which we commonly use, and current policies in relation to privacy:

•                           Facebook’s Privacy Policy

•                           Twitter’s Privacy Policy

•                           Google+ and YouTube’s Privacy Policy

Cookies Liable to Change

This policy content is to be used as only general information. You should be prepared to accept that this data may contain some inaccuracies or mistakes and could possibly at some point change, so we do not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies or mistakes to the fullest degree allowable by local law.

The Updating of This Policy

We urge you to frequently look at this page so that you get the most up-to-date information on this Policy. Your ongoing use of the Software, Site or Services means that you have willingly agreed to support any Policy changes. Otherwise, the only other choice you have if you choose not to accept the new terms of the Policy will be to stop accessing the Software, Site and/or Services.

Contact us

If you do have questions pertaining to this Policy or wish to know how we make use of cookies, you can contact us through a submission to the help desk here or by e-mailing: [email protected]

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